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Trans portrait show

Over the past several months, I’ve joined artists Alexander Nowik, Billy Douglas, and Steven Pomeroy under the leadership of Thomasina DeMaio and with the help of trans activist Donna Persona. Well over 100 portraits of local trans community members on display, including photographs, paintings, digital drawings and graphite.

As each person sat for their portraits, they told us of incredible stories of survival in the face of widespread bigotry and transphobia. Here’s what Thomasina DeMaio had to say about the project:

“It has been a joy working with my fellow artists on this Donna Personna project..she has put her heart and soul into bringing to studio not only leaders in this community of transgenders but individuals with stories and histories that changed and educated me as to who and what its all about.It has been enlightening and I feel privileged to be able to participate in documenting this incredible community. Our intention is to leave behind a comprehensive series seen through 6 different artists eyes for the public to view ,eventually in a book( fund raising for trans issues) and for the public to embrace and understand what has been in front of them for years and is not going away. Two spirit individuals are powerful, special and simply a force to be reckoned with. I will always treasure this experience and I thank each and everyone of our subjects for taking the time to come and sit for us…you made it happen!”

Join us at the reception Saturday, May 11, 6-9pm at the Eureka Valley Rec Center, San Francisco.

Maceo Passon, Oil on wood, 20×16″
Valentina Duran ,Oil on linen, 20×24″
Donna Persona with Stephen Pomeroy, Oil on panel, 16×16″

Thank you!

To be honest, solo shows are a bit stressful (and a lot of work), but everything went so well! Thank you to all who were able to attend in person, and the messages from many on social media commenting on my work. Perhaps I’ll do this again next year, but in the meantime, Spark Arts in San Francisco continues to represent me, as well as the Buenaventura Art Association gallery in Ventura.  Also, a heads-up that I’ll be exhibiting portraits of local San Francisco Trans community members, opening May 11.  I’ll post about that soon.



Spark Arts Opening Reception, 2019
Spark Arts Opening Reception, 2019. Ed Terpening.

January San Francisco Show

I will be showing the landscapel below at the Harvey Milk Photo Center January 8-February 7 with Art Saves Lives, curated by Thomasina DeMaio. The reception will be held January 18th, with live music featuring the incredible Tribal Baroque! It will be an amazing reception, hope to see you there.

  • What: Winter Exhibition
  • Where: Harvey Milk Photo Center, 50 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA
  • When:
    • Reception: January 18th, 6-9pm
    • Show runs January 8-February 7

Padre Place Color Study

Padre Place Color Study
12×9 inches

Montana de Oro (Last Light)

Montana de Oro (Last Light)
9×12 inches 

Ragged Point Sunset
9×12 inches 

Show at Spark Arts

Spark Arts Gallery in San Francisco is a great arts community hub for shows, teaching and all kinds of events.  This community show sponsored by ArtSavesLives opens Thursday, December 6th as part of the Castro’s Art Walk. Curated by Thomasina DeMaio, the show includes a wide variety of local artists, including Anthony AnchundoAdam EisendrathAlexander PrestiaBilly DouglasCarl LinkhartCJ SchakeMichael LownieDavid ChristensenRené CaponeGregory ConoverHank StrohbeckJack Mattingly, John FarnsworthLiam PetersMatt PipesMike Pierce, and Steven Pomeroy.

You’ll see my paintings below, and can purchase at anytime here online. The show runs through December.

Where: Spark Arts, 4229 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114
When: Reception Thursday, December 6th, 6:00-9:30PM, shows runs through December.

Bay View From Park Hill

Bay View From Park Hill
14×7 inches, Original Oil on Panel, Framed

Castro Bag Lady
10×10 inches, Framed, Original Oil on Panel

Park Meetup
The Conversation (GGP)

16×12 inches, Framed, Original Oil on Linen

Riverbed #2
Riverbed #2

9×12 inches, Framed, Original Oil on Canvas, 9×12 inches

From my popular “Beach Men” series:

Ventura Beach Men 5 Asleep with Stripes
Ventura Beach Men #5 (Asleep with Stripes)

6×6 inches, Original Oil on Board, Unframed

Ventura Beach Men 4 Green Backpack
Ventura Beach Men 4 Green Backpack

6×6 inches, Original Oil on Panel, Unframed

Ventura Beach Men 3 T Shirt

Ventura Beach Men 3 T Shirt 
6×6″, Original Oil on Panel, Unframed

Ventura Beach Men 2 Yellow Shorts
Ventura Beach Men 2 Yellow Shorts

6×6 inches, Original Oil on Panel, Unframed

Anchoring Abstraction

Impressionistic realism has been the foundation of my art for many years, but that’s starting to change as I explore mixing identifiable forms that are relatable to abstract forms that work on a different level. Abstract art has merit, but I hadn’t pursued it until now because I struggled with how to communicate with it.

Recent Abstract Experiment: Mission Dolore Park, Oil on board, 11x14
Recent Abstract Experiment: Mission Dolore Park, Oil on board, 11×14

For me, the human figure is the most relevant symbolic subject in art.  People are complex: outwardly transparent, but inwardly hidden.  We respond to the Mona Lisa because while her body is drawn to perfection, her veiled thoughts through her smile intrigues us and draws us to this painting.  So how can a painting be both approachable and mysterious?

Fast forward 450 years from Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to the 1950’s Bay Area Figurative movement (lead by David Park), when an intriguing fusion of figurative art combined with Abstract Expressionism. Painters in this school ( David ParkRichard Diebenkorn, Elmer BischoffWayne Thiebaud…) had different reasons for mixing figurative representation and abstraction, but many found a dead end in Abstract Expressionism’s ability to communicate. They resisted being constrained by a formal “school”, but instead believed in taking freely from both figurative and abstract traditions.

I’m working on a series now that uses the figure as an anchor, like this movement.  In one of these paintings (“Green Shorts”, below), a solitary figure stares out at an abstracted plane, resembling the sea. (or, is it a clouded sky?).

"Green Shorts", oil on board, 16x12"
“Green Shorts”, oil on board, 16×12″

The figure is used as an entrance into this world of sunshine and contemplation.  He stands on the picture plane as if an observer himself to the alternating bands of blues, violets and grays.  It’s designed in such a way that his surroundings are open to interpretation: he could be in a museum (barefoot—probably not allowed!) surrounded by a large painting himself.

I had a lot of fun with this one.  While the reference photo I used is in fact of a man at the beach, the viewer can have fun with this and imagine other scenarios. For example, he could be standing on flat land, looking out at distant snow-capped hills, sky, and clouds above.  If you were not told this was the sea, could you see alternative realities like this for his view?

This ambiguity is what interests me, because I believe strongly that the best art requires participation by the viewer. Just as decoding the Mona Lisa’s thoughts are the viewer’s creation, I seek to give the viewer the opportunity to find their own meaning. This makes the painting theirs through co-creation between viewer and artist.

So that’s what I’m working on.  It is fun creating these worlds, but not easy—art never is!

Postscript: This series will probably be shown in San Francisco at Spark Arts, in April, but specifics TBD.

San Luis Obispo Show: Painting on the Buchon Trail

“For a few weeks in August, 1976, Hollywood magic flipped the coasts of the United States and transformed the coast south of Moñtana de Oro State Park into Passamaquoddy, Maine. A lighthouse was built near Point Buchon as  part of Pete’s Dragon, the most expensive Walt Disney production to date.”  So reported local papers as Disney built a lighthouse on the Buchon Trail, the subject of a new show at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art October 5-8.  I’m honored to be one of several invited artists invited to capture this landscape “en plein air” for a show of paintings fresh off the easel. The gallery above shows some of the paintings I plan to hang.

This incredible coastal area was only opened to the public a few years ago, and as far as I know, this is the first show dedicated to the unspoiled beauty of this land.  Being there last week, driven with my painting equipment in a 4-wheel drive on seldom used private dirt roads, I had a chance to see how the earliest Native Americans and their Spanish invaders witnessed an unspoiled California coast.

If you’re an artist or collector, chances are you’ve seen countless paintings of Laguna Beach, Point Lobos or Morro Bay–but you’re unlikely to  have seen this incredible landscape chosen by Disney studios to amaze movie goers.

And it is an amazing landscape.  Of particular interest (which I’m not posting here–come to the show and see it!) are the large rock stacks just off shore that are considered the “Stonehenge of the Pacific.”  They really are incredible, and I had a great time painting them to prepare for the show with fellow artists.  Several of us painted these icons, and they’re each unique.  Come see what each artist saw.

So, join us, by either viewing the show at the museum, and/or watching the artists (including me) paint the area live.  As a bonus, the proceeds from the show will help fund this local icon of Central Coast arts, the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.  Click here for more detail, if you come, say hello!

SLO Museum of Art Show Preview

After a great week of painting (although, lots of work and some tough, 100-degree weather), my paintings for the San Luis Obispo Plein Air 2012 show at the SLO Museum of Art are ready to go! I need to choose three of these five for the show. I’ve listed them in order of my favorites first. What do you think?

Avila Bluffs (San Luis Obispo, CA), Oil on Linen, 12x16
Avila Bluffs (San Luis Obispo, CA), Oil on Linen, 12×16

Rocks & Surf (Avila, CA)
Rocks & Surf (Avila, CA)

Avila Cove (Late Afternoon), Oil on Linen, 11x14
Avila Cove (Late Afternoon), Oil on Linen, 11×14

Avila Cove (San Luis Obispo, CA), Oil on Linen, 12x9
Avila Cove (San Luis Obispo, CA), Oil on Linen, 12×9

Lake Sunset (San Luis Obispo, CA), Oil on Linen, 9x12
Lake Sunset (San Luis Obispo, CA), Oil on Linen, 9×12


[Update 10/5]: you’ve all convinced me, the last painting below (sunset) is in the show! Thanks for your feedback. It’s really difficult to judge my own work.

San Luis Obispo Plein Air, 2012

I’m looking forward to painting next week on the central coast of California for the San Luis Obispo Plein Air Exhibition at the Museum of Art there.  It’s such a beautiful place to paint: coastal scenes, wineries, golden hills of oaks–they have it all.  So if you you’re in the area, say hello!  The show opens Friday, October 5th, and just runs through the weekend. If I have time, I’ll post work during the week and share my experience.  It’s scheduled to be in the 90’s next week, so I’ll probably paint along the coast. 🙂

San Luis Obispo Plein Air 2012
San Luis Obispo Plein Air 2012


2012 San Luis Obispo Plein Air Festival

I will be participating again this year in the San Luis Obispo Plein Air festival at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, October 1-7.  I usually choose one area to focus on…not sure what it will be.  In year’s past, I’ve focused on Avila Beach (cove) and the Rocky Point area (see below).  Any suggestions? Let me know!

Here are works from previous years in this show.  The painting below “Glowing Bluffs” will be my featured painting in the museum the week leading up to the show.

Bluffs (Montana De Oro), Oil on Linen, 16x20
Bluffs (Montana De Oro), Oil on Linen, 16×20 [SOLD

Sunset Ragged Point CA (Oc -6 2011), Oil on Linen, 12x9
Sunset Ragged Point CA (Oc -6 2011), Oil on Linen, 12×9

Hollister Peak (an alternative view), Oil on Linen, 9x12
Hollister Peak (an alternative view), Oil on Linen, 9×12

Sunset Ragged Point. CA (October 4, 2011, Oil on Linen, 12x9
Sunset Ragged Point. CA (October 4, 2011, Oil on Linen, 12×9

Avila Cove, Oil on Linen, 6x8
Avila Cove, Oil on Linen, 6×8

Glowing Bluffs, Oil on Linen, 11x14
Glowing Bluffs, Oil on Linen, 11×14