The return of Plein Air Magazine!

Today, publisher Eric Rhoads and Editor M. Stephen Doherty announced the return of PleinAir magazine.  From their website:

“Artists, Collectors, Suppliers, Schools, and Dealers have been asking for the return of Plein Air magazine since it was converted to Fine Art Connoisseur magazine in 2006. Now it is back with the same respected publisher, B. Eric Rhoads, and a veteran editor, M. Stephen Doherty.”

I’m also happy to say I will have an role in this rebirth, serving on their Advisory Board. I’ve already sent Stephen a list of artists I hope to read about in the magazine, with a slant towards the unknowns, and those better known outside the United States. I’d love to hear your thoughts about who you’d like to read aboutplease take a moment to enter a comment.

I like the annual subscription options, you can subscribe to print only ($29.96); digital only ($19.95) or both ($34.95).  And there’s good reason to act quickly:

“Place your advance subscription today and receive our special digital edition of “The Best of the Original Plein Air Magazine.” We’ve taken the best articles from our past magazines and packaged them into a wonderful digital magazine. This offer expires January 10, 2011.”

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14 thoughts on “The return of Plein Air Magazine!”

  1. I can’t say how excited I am to hear the news about Plein Air Mags return! I have love art (oil paintings) for as long as I can remember and after much encouragement from my wife, I decided to give it a try about 3 or so years. I’m really looking forward to seeing my first issue in the mail box!! Also, if I may recommend an artist for an issue I’d like to offer up Bill Davidson.

  2. I love two local Plein Air artists here locally. One is Shawn Cornell. He only does plein air and completes it completely on location, alla prima. He put together a small book which covers plein air paintings he did, one each day this past January. It was cold! Excellent! Also another local with more of a following is Billye O’Donnel. Not all of his works are plein air and alla prima, but he does have a book that he put together in which he completed a painting in every county in Missouri.

  3. I bought a subscription when Plein Air first came out,and paid for a three years in advance to support the new magazine. I had hoped by doing so would help keep the magazine I loved stay as it was originally published. I was wrong It started to change after the first year into just another “Art Magazine”. I called the one of the editors and we talked for quite a while and he thanked me for sticking with them some great changes were coming along and to have patience.
    Well we all waited and it changed into something I and all my painting friends dislike immensely. So I never renewed my subscription and my friends did the same. Not one of us were ever contacted to ask why or for comments.
    Explain to us why we should trust you again and buy subscriptions.
    Will we get the shaft again? As the editor I spoke to said candidly “Those Plein Artist are Notoriously cheap and we have to make money from other sources. Speaking for myself and my painting friends that’s insulting. Now you must prove to us your serious. My guess is you wont address this or do anything just as you never contacted past subscribers as to why they stopped buying.
    Tim Fitzgerald

  4. The following plein air painters would be excellent additions to the pages of PleinAir Magazine: Ian Roberts, Canadian, David C. Gallop, southern California and an up and coming young painter Elio Camacho from the Bay area.

  5. Acrylics is still an emerging medium, not yet reached its
    potential in plein air, etc. I’d like to see articles about acrylic
    paint plein air painters.

  6. Pity the news/blog posts don’t show up properly. I think maybe somebody has some website technology they need to get used to! 😉

    I can’t see any list of the Advisory Board.

    1. Hey, Mark! Thanks. I wish I could take credit for the magazine coming back, but I’ve just been an advisor. Glad to help in any way. Cheers!

  7. I tried today (3-1-11) to subscribe to the digital version, but your site isn’t working
    correctly. Choosing the state won’t work.

    1. Plein Air Magazine Spring 2011 Inaugural Edition is available for purchase as a back issue. The cost is Ellen, there was a Spring issue (no Summer, Fall is the next planned issue). If you didnt get the Spring issue contact the magazine directly (I dont work for the magazine):, or call 800-610-5771 (Weekdays 9-5pm Eastern). Outside the U.S., call 561-655-8778.

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