Wheeler Canyon

Wheeler Canyon is in Santa Paula (Ventura County). It’s a really beautiful area, much of it unspoiled farms and ranches. In the 30’s and 40’s it was often visited and painted by some of the great early California impressionsists, including Cornelis & Jesse Arms Botke (who lived there).

I was inspired by the fact so many artists visited the canyon and found so much to capture. I’ve listed below some links to other artists’ works.

My partner, Mike, grew up in Santa Paula, and was always aware of the art history of the town. If fact, the town banker, Douglas Shively, wanted to be an artist but was forbidden by his father to do so as he was told he needed to run the family business. Nevertheless, Douglas Shively continued to paint, and has done some wonderful work. We have a large painting of his of Morro Bay. Some day, maybe I’ll do a post on him. He led an interesting life.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my painting of this historic location.


2 thoughts on “Wheeler Canyon”

  1. Thank you. I lived in Wheeler Cyn. till 1999 (15 years) – my cowgirl years, after living on a boat for 5 years. I would love to write a book about the colorful characters on each ranch in the canyon. thank you for your inspiring artwork that brings back wonderful memories. Betsy

  2. Many artists have come to love the California scenery around Wheeler Canyon. I own a pair of oil on canvas paintings by ARTHUR TURNER FOSTER. He was born in Brooklyn in 1877 and died in Pacific Grove in 1947. Self-taught, he is a listed artist . . . he even had a one-man show at the LA County Museum of Art in 1923.

    One of the items I have is titled “WHEELER CANYON.” Both items are signed and dated 1925. It is interesting to be able to look back in time and see what the area looked like back then. However, I will have to free up some space soon, So, I’ll be selling these paintings, as nice as they are . . .

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