Pacific Grove Morning

I painted this last night…felt good to paint as I took a bit of a break after the Gay Faulkenberry workshop in Scottsdale, and instead wrote about other stuff. I’m not sure if this is done. It’s still in my studio, so I’ll take a look at it in the morning, or put it on my “drying mantle” a couple of days. What do you think?


Pacific Grove, Morning – Oil on Linen – 12×16$300 AVAILABLE
Oh, and I got some good news/bad news today: I didn’t get into the Carmel Art Festival, but was asked to come back to Kumquat Art & Home in San Francisco, so I’ll be showing there this Spring. I’m also thinking of offering the studies I show here on my blog for sale via PayPal or eBay. I need to pay for some paint!

12 thoughts on “Pacific Grove Morning”

  1. It’s remarkable fresh Ed. The colours are clear and well defined. It looks like a day with a clear sky.
    I wonder if it is true, as Richard Schmidt wrote in his Alla Prima Book that it is not possible to squint and judge values right when looking at pictures, but it seems that the values of the upper part of the sea and the beach are close to each other. Maybe that gives the impression of a clear day.

  2. Thanks, Bart. After leaving this a few days, I think the water near the horizon is too light…and the same blue-green as the foreground water. Then again, I like it I should probably keep it fresh and leave as is. On to the next one!

  3. Good to see a new painting up!

    Pacific Grove, Morning has wonderful light and color. The lower half is so exciting, I would like to see the rich brushwork continued in the top half of the painting, but am not sure this is even possible.

  4. Looks done to me

    I’ve been pondering likewise re paypal versus e-bay. Have you come to any decision? It seems to boil down to paypal may be easier plus no fees while e-bay means fees and gets you lots of extra lookers. I think it probably boils down to where your buyers are.

  5. PS – I keep forgetting to say – but could you tweak the site so it includes a ‘home’ button which can take me back to the main blog after I’ve posted a comment. “View Paintings’ takes you the main website doesn’t it?

  6. Katherine, No, I haven’t come to a decision re PayPal vs. eBay. They both charge fees, by the way. I’ve had customers use PayPal to pay for paintings with a credit card, and they take a pretty high percentage…I think it was 3%. This would be a good topic for a blog post. I know a lot of my readers sell via either eBay or PayPal (or combination, of course), so I’ll ask my community of readers what they think.

  7. Katherine: You can reach my home page at any time by clicking the large banner image on every page. That’s not obvious to many, so you’re right, a link is in order. On the way!

  8. great blog Ed

    lots of real thought provoking stuff, such as this condundrum:

    “Just as you need to have a clear separation of values to make a design work, so too color. ”

    isnt that the same as the unsharp mask in photoshop. crunchs up the contrast? personally, i think there should be a kind of ‘beware’ sign along this…. think of gradients. of how subtle colour just slide inperceptally one into the other.

    FYI, ‘PRAGNATZ’ in gersalt visual pyschology – of where you draw the line & group simular with simular or separate out like from unlike.

    but then again, it’s always better to think with a paint brush in one’s hand, n’est pas?

    paint on Ed!

    BTW, IMO, nice to see those blue jolting slashes in the foreground.

  9. Hey Adam, welcome to the blog!

    I am not a Photophop user (it’s on my to-do list :-), but it could be analogous to an over-contrast function–although the focus is a color shift.

    you’re correct in saying there are times for sublty and not jolting color separation. this technique is best used when contrast is your goal.

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