Afternoon at Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs is a watershed on the San Francisco penninsula. La Canada Road runs along it and is a favorite spot for cyclists across the Bay Area. Today was especially beautiful, 80 degrees F, no wind. Perfect!

I’m starting to paint over old linen canvas boards. They’re expensive, and if a painting doesn’t work out, it makes sense to paint over it. Many artists sand the boards first, but the painting under this one didn’t have much texture, so I just went for it. Not sure the photo is great…when it dries, I’ll scan it.

Crystal Springs – Oil on Linen – 8×10

One thought on “Afternoon at Crystal Springs”

  1. It’s a nice little painting, Ed. I like the undulating lines; a sober sense of color; the darkly weighted elements on the left balanced by violet tinted haziness in depth. That dagger of water makes me think panorama.

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