Backlit Bluffs (California Coast)

I painted this from an image in my library. I believe it was taken in San Luis Obispo, during one of their plein air events.  I’m really enjoying a focus on large shapes where I can focus on color, value and design.  I’m also getting looser with my brushwork, which is another skill I’m honing.


Backlit Bluffs (California Coast), Oil on Linen, 10×8″

8 thoughts on “Backlit Bluffs (California Coast)”

  1. @Deborah – yes, my “year of learning, no shows” is paying off in some ways, but I am starting to miss the events, like Telluride. I guess that’s a good sign to get back into next year, although I’d much rather paint a winter event there. Wonder if that will happen.

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