San Luis Obispo Plein Air: one last painting

A big thank you to those that participated in my poll yesterday to select the top 3 paintings.  I’m going with your recommendations, BUT, adding this new one below.

Even though I felt I had a pretty good selection of paintings for the show tomorrow, I cranked out one last painting this morning. I think it’s the best of the week.  It really paid off for me to stick to one area all week, and really study it. Even though this one doesn’t include the sea, there’s a peak (lower right) of the bluffs I’d been painting all week.  I’d noticed this rock structure before (“the wave”), and how it had incredible reflected light in the morning.  It just glowed.  I think I was able to capture it, and although this scene is pretty complex, I think the eye is lead around the composition well and lands on that center of interest.  I hope you enjoy it!

Wave of Rock (Avila Cove), Oil on Linen, 16x12
Wave of Rock (Avila Cove), Oil on Linen, 16x12

The show opens tomorrow at the Art Center with a Collector’s Party from 4-6PM, and then public exhibition as part of the art walk from 6-9PM.  If you’d like to watch me paint, I’ll be participating in the “Quick Draw” in the square around the Mission on Saturday from 9:30-11:30AM, and then a public auction of the artist’s quick draw paintings from noon-2:30PM, also in the park in front of the mission.  The show will run through Sunday until 4PM.

8 thoughts on “San Luis Obispo Plein Air: one last painting”

  1. Hi Ed.
    Congratulations on your sales! It was great finally meeting you. That was a great Paint Out! The San Luis Obispo Art Center sure knows how to organize. Wendy

  2. It’s fantastic how you can limit yourself to such high key tones, and not be tempted to deepen here, and add a bit of intensity there, which of course would ruin what you’re trying to capture. Tjis is beautiful and will be a great contrast to the other, more tonally ‘balanced’ pieces. I’d love to see what you make of a really gloomy, dank scene. I bet it would still be magic in your hands.

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