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Hay, is that Point Reyes Station?

“Hay Bails, Point Reyes Station”

I finished this studio painting today.  Painting “plein air” (outside) really helps develop the skills required for studio work.  In this paiinting, I was able to use that knowledge and take my time making this painting work.  I like the feeling of “golden light” here, and the overall color harmony.  This will be in my Solo Show opening September 5th.

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Blackwood Canyon

“Blackwood Stream, Morning”.I started this small plein air painting on a recent trip to Lake Tahoe, where I painted with my friend Andy Skaff. The light hitting the top of these grasses really drew me in, as well as the color of the shadow areas. While painting this, I met another plein air artist from Argentina! We had a good chat. I ended up finishing this in the studio, balancing the composition a bit here and there, but leaving the color harmony in tact.

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In Laguna, I had fun producing a few small rocks/surf studies, with lots of juicy paint! Using this technique in representing water is particularly effective because water is mostly made of “edges” of color in sharp contract. This, and pallette knife technique work realy well.


Southern California

Just returned from a trip to Southern California where I painted the Back Bay of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, etc.  This is a sunset on the Back Bay. Like Monet, I was attempting to capture the essense of this light, without focusin on representing recogizable landscape elements.

Back Bay, Newport