Creativity in Art is Risky Business

“Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed.” Wikipedia Creativity & Commerce I feel lucky to live my life in two worlds: technology and fine art. This intersection has given me insight into the risky nature of the creative process. Risk-taking is tied to commerce, otherwise, making (and keeping) money would … Continue reading Creativity in Art is Risky Business

Trans portrait show

Over the past several months, I’ve joined artists Alexander Nowik, Billy Douglas, and Steven Pomeroy under the leadership of Thomasina DeMaio and with the help of trans activist Donna Persona. Well over 100 portraits of local trans community members on display, including photographs, paintings, digital drawings and graphite. As each person sat for their portraits, … Continue reading Trans portrait show

1st Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo

  Having worked in the tech and marketing industry for more than 20 years, I’ve attended more than 100 conferences–but I have to start by saying that this was the best ever. It’s even right up there with South by Southwest—a conference famous for the enthusiasm and camaraderie it generates.  Attending this event was very … Continue reading 1st Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo

Mother’s Day in Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park Bank has started their concerts again (running through October) every Sunday.  As I’m starting to paint the figure again a bit more, I road my bike down to the park to complete some plein air sketch studies.  I’m studying with Peggi Kroll-Roberts in September at l’Atelier aux Couleurs in Petaluma this … Continue reading Mother’s Day in Golden Gate Park

“High Key” Seascape

I have been experimenting with different painting keys. “High key” paintings (like the seascape below) are painted with pale, light values, and according to this website, can be either high or low color saturation.  My paintings tend to be on the dark side, because it allows me to use full saturation colors for the lights. … Continue reading “High Key” Seascape

Kevin Weckbach Workshop

I spent last week in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona inside a classroom with 4 other enthusiastic students studying with Kevin Weckbach.  Kevin is a generous teacher who both paints well and can explain his thought process thoroughly.  As you may know, this is a rare combination! I believe I first saw Kevin’s work in the annual … Continue reading Kevin Weckbach Workshop

Seascape 911

I thought I may have met my “end” yesterday, ironically while painting at Lands End beach in San Francisco. Like many of you, I often hike to remote places to paint the perfect spot and find myself in the middle of nowhere. There are Mountain Lions to think about, snakes, made-up sadistic hatchet-yielding crazies–and then, … Continue reading Seascape 911