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Chicago and NYC Next Week

I’m traveling to Chicago 10/23-25 then NYC 10/16-29, any plein air folks in town then? I’m thinking of hanging out in galleries and museums and bringing a nice, lite watercolor kit–not my typical 50 pounds of plein air oil painting gear!

Maybe I’ll bring my MacBook and post some pics.

Come to think of it, I haven’t been in NYC since 9/11.  It’s going to  be weird, seeing that skyline without the twin towers.  Maybe I’ll come up with a painting at the site…probably not.  It must be…I don’t know, certainly not a place to be “exploited”.  Is that what we do when we paint a location?  We do, don’t we?  I guess I’m speaking as (primarily) a plein air artist that typically paints “beautiful” paintings of “beautiful” locations.  Sorry if this is…cynical.

If I feel I can capture how I feel at the spot, I’ll capture it as best I can.

Ever feel like this?

Even when I was a “full time” artist, I felt like–“when am I going to have time to paint?” I’ve got books, receipts, galleries to deal with, postcards, printers, ads, supplies to buy…yikes!

Now that I’m working part-time, the pressure to make money from art is off (hope the IRS isn’t listening…I should say less pressure). Seriously, it’s nice to not focus on galleries (I reduced my galleries from 5 to 2 this year, and perhaps one) and it’s working out well.

Click to enlarge–as if – from a favoriate blog – Gaping Void