Painting China Cove

I think my shadows have been overly dark lately, so I’ve been seeking opportunities to “lighten up”.  An old reference photo of “China Cove” in Point Lobos did the trick. The photograph was over exposed, so everything was lighter than it would have been otherwise. As I was painting this, the colors in the photo … Continue reading Painting China Cove

Seeking Balance in Plein Air Painting

“Isn’t it intensity of thought rather than calmness of touch that we are seeking?  And in impulsive working conditions such as these, out on site and of this nature, is a calm, well-ordered touch always possible? Dear Lord, it seems to me no more so than when on the attack in fencing.”  Vincent VanGogh in a … Continue reading Seeking Balance in Plein Air Painting


Lifeguard Station 8×10 inches Unframed Oil on board $325 * The Sea Ranch 9×12 inches Unframed Oil on paper $325 * Point Lobos Darks 12×9 inches unframed Oil on paper $325 * Ventura Sunset at Sea 9×12 inches Framed Oil on paper $450 * Beach Town 9×12 inches Framed Oil on Linen $1,200 * China … Continue reading Seascape


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