Door County Plein Air, Day 4-5

Busy couple days, but finally ready for the show tomorrow night! It rained all day today, but I was able to finish a painting of a Venus-like statue at Edgewood Orchard Galleries. Last night, finished two paintings for the “Evening with the Artists” sunset reception. I did both a late afternoon/pre-sunset work and a really … Continue reading Door County Plein Air, Day 4-5

Door County Plein Air, Day 2

Painted at Woodwalk Gallery today in Egg Harbor, where owner/artist Margaret was the perfect hostess–supplying both bug spray and encouragement with a smile. When she asked how my painting was going, I replied (honestly) that it would either be great, or I’d crash and burn. Artist’s live on the edge. She really like that. I … Continue reading Door County Plein Air, Day 2


Why art? This is my “encore career”.  After working 35 years in technology, the tragedy of 911 and a significant health scare, I began thinking of my legacy.  Would it be developing a high tech product, or new marketing campaign?  Probably not.  Both of those careers create ephemeral results. I wanted more.  I also saw … Continue reading About