“High Key” Seascape

I have been experimenting with different painting keys. “High key” paintings (like the seascape below) are painted with pale, light values, and according to this website, can be either high or low color saturation.  My paintings tend to be on the dark side, because it allows me to use full saturation colors for the lights. … Continue reading “High Key” Seascape

Riverbed, high-key painting study

I’m continuing my exploration of high-key painting, which I define as painting in a narrow range of values, in the higher key of lights.  I don’t know where this is going to lead, but it’s great to practice the control in value needed to get these paintings to work.  I think I’m going to paint … Continue reading Riverbed, high-key painting study

More “high-key” painting studies

I continue to experiment with painting in a higher key.  While I’m getting there, I’m not as light as I’d like to be (see Bato Dugarzhapov, a Russian artist I greatly admire).  Here are  a couple more studies, and a YouTube video of the first painting in progress: Sonoma Road – Oil on Canvas – … Continue reading More “high-key” painting studies

Peggi Kroll-Roberts Workshop Day 3

Day 3: “High Key” Painting Day 3 of the Peggi Kroll-Roberts workshop at l’Atelier aux Couleurs focused on painting “high-key” paintings.  This approach to painting is focused on a narrow range of values at the high end (light) of the value scale. I’ve recently experimented with this approach (here, here).  I think it’s ironic that … Continue reading Peggi Kroll-Roberts Workshop Day 3

Painting the Sky

Painting the sky is so much fun!  There’s a natural synergy between that subject and the tools of the painter, especially the brush.  The right-shaped brush can render the sky naturally, and the fluidity of paint adds to this perfect fit between subject and materials.  They’re also among the best subjects to create compelling compositions, … Continue reading Painting the Sky

Painting with Purpose: Color Spots

The problems most growing artists try to solve often boils down to a lack of singular purpose. For example, a common question plein air painters ask is, “how much time should I take seeking a location to paint?” I’ve been there, all too often taking longer to find a scene than painting—a frustrating experience I … Continue reading Painting with Purpose: Color Spots

Show at Spark Arts

Spark Arts Gallery in San Francisco is a great arts community hub for shows, teaching and all kinds of events.  This community show sponsored by ArtSavesLives opens Thursday, December 6th as part of the Castro’s Art Walk. Curated by Thomasina DeMaio, the show includes a wide variety of local artists, including Anthony Anchundo, Adam Eisendrath, Alexander Prestia, Billy Douglas, Carl Linkhart, CJ … Continue reading Show at Spark Arts

1st Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo

  Having worked in the tech and marketing industry for more than 20 years, I’ve attended more than 100 conferences–but I have to start by saying that this was the best ever. It’s even right up there with South by Southwest—a conference famous for the enthusiasm and camaraderie it generates.  Attending this event was very … Continue reading 1st Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo