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San Luis Obispo Plein Air show coming up

The San Luis Obispo Plein Air show is coming up! This is a great event. The artists have an wonderful variety of subjects to paint, from seascapes, cityscapes, vineyards and of course the town itself. I plan to paint all seascapes, but who knows, I’ve got to paint what inspires me! I’m staying most of the week at Ragged Point, at the very most northern boundary of San Luis Obispo county, just south to Big Sur. Here’s a list of events during the week:

O C T O B E R 0 3

  • All Day: Festival artists paint throughout sanluis obispo County.
  • 11 am – 5 pm: “50 x 50” exhibits the colorful, diverse painting styles of this year’s 50 festival artists.
  • 5 pm: twilight in the vineyards: enjoy private tasting tour of two edna valley boutique wineries, watch talented painters and relax over an elegant dinner. $75 ticketed event.

O C T O B E R 0 4

  • All Day: Festival artists paint throughout san luis obispo County.
  • 3 – 5 pm: Kids paint out, nearby Mission plaza lawn.
  • 7 pm: plein air painting demo, Museum of art.

O C T O B E R 0 5

  • All Day: Festival artists paint throughout san luis Obispo County.
  • 7 pm: Movie night, documentary films on plein air painting, Museum of art.

O C T O B E R 0 6

  • All Day: Festival artists paint throughout San Luis Obispo County.
  • 7 pm: painters and poets, poets read poems created while shadowing painters on location, Museum of art.
  • 6:30 – 8:30 pm: Farmers Market, one block from the Museum of art.

O C T O B E R 0 7

  • 1 – 3 pm: Collectors luncheon, the first opportunity to view and purchase exhibit paintings. enjoy anelegant Kevin Main Jewelry / novo sponsored affair followed by wine and dessert at the Museum of art. $100 ticket applies in full to artwork purchased at the Festival exhibit.
  • 6 – 9 pm: art after dark, the public opening of the exhibit and sale, promises brisk sales, but no bare walls here! as paintings sell, replacements take their place.
  • 7 pm: exhibit awards presentation by juror libby tolley.

O C T O B E R 0 8

  • 9 – 11:30 am: quick draw paint out, one block radiusof Museum includes Mission plaza and historic downtown.
  • 12 – 2:30 pm: quick draw exhibit and live auction, Mission plaza amphitheater.
  • 10am – 5 pm: Festival exhibit and sale continues to evolve throughout the weekend. stop by several times to see and purchase new artwork, Museum of art.

O C T O B E R 0 9

  • 10 am – 4 pm: exhibit and sale continues, free admission, Museum of art.

View complete San Luis Obispo Plein Air information flyer (PDF)

I haven’t decided what to bring as my “preview” piece for the museum, but here’s last years, which sold 🙂 BTW, if you like this painting, this painting of the same area is available here. I’m willing to negotiate an unframed price. Let me know if you’re interested.

Avila Beach Bluffs, Oil on Linen, 12x16


Timberfield 10 Reception

Last year, Christopher Forbes and Stephen Doherty invited a group of 10 artists to paint at the Forbes family estate in New Jersey. We had inspirational landscapes, interiors and models to work from. Those artists have been invited to share work done that week, or later work inspired by the trip. The artists attending included Camie Davis, John Patrick Campbell, Rob Clarke, Bryan Le Boeuf, George Towne, Wendy Walworth, Timothy Jahn, Ed Terpening, Patricia Watwood and John Dowd. Tonight was really special, my first group show in New York, and an opportunity to reconnect with this exceptional group!


To view my work on display in the show, click here.

UPDATE: Here’s a slide show:

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Forbes Timberfield Show

Just got word that I will be exhibiting with fellow artists from the painting trip at Timberfield, the Forbes family estate.  The show will be at the Forbes Gallery on 5th Avenue from June 23 – September 10th. I am excited and frightened at the same time!  The group includes some incredible artists, most of whom are from a different school of art than me (I’m more expressionist/plein air/self-taught, they more formal atelier training).  So, I will be painting like a mad man between now and April 1st, when my paintings are due for the selection process.  Here’s my first attempt.  I’m planning a selection of both landscape and figure work.  Wish me luck!

Timberfield Sunset, Oil on Linen, 11x14
Timberfield Sunset, Oil on Linen, 11x14

Door County Plein Air, Day 7

Today’s “Quick Paint” was delayed by rain, and ended the same way. I had lots of piles of grays to get rid of before I ship my equipment home tomorrow, and since it was a grey morning anyway, I had piles of paint ready to go!

I am very happy with this, one of my best paintings this week! I also got lots of kind comments from artists and collectors. They moved the auction into the nearby town hall afterward, and it was packed with bidders. I don’t like crowds (and I was exhausted), so I skipped the auction and headed to lunch. Enjoy!

Sister Bay, Morning (QuickPaint), Oil on Linen, 11x14
Sister Bay, Morning (QuickPaint), Oil on Linen, 11x14

Door County Plein Air, Day 4-5

Busy couple days, but finally ready for the show tomorrow night! It rained all day today, but I was able to finish a painting of a Venus-like statue at Edgewood Orchard Galleries. Last night, finished two paintings for the “Evening with the Artists” sunset reception. I did both a late afternoon/pre-sunset work and a really fun nocturne, both of which I hope to post tomorrow. My second Cavepoint painting below was painted yesterday, which was really productive!

Door County Plein Air, Day 3

Driving through the fog and rain in Sister Bay last night, I thought a bug or shiny tangible object had flown through my side window without a sound. I literally searched the cabin with my suspicious eyes, but, shock…are you ready for it?…it was a RAY OF SUNSHINE! I immediately pulled over, believing Ra himself had summoned me to paint! Then, realizing it was 8PM, the God of Pessimism (Dick Cheney?) won out and I wolfed down a pulled pork sandwich instead. Reason proved me wrong, for when I finished eating, an hour later, the sky was blazing with color! Lesson: BE AN OPTOMIST. Remember, everyone is smiling in Wisconsin, so they know something I don’t.

Door County Plein Air, Day 2

Painted at Woodwalk Gallery today in Egg Harbor, where owner/artist Margaret was the perfect hostess–supplying both bug spray and encouragement with a smile. When she asked how my painting was going, I replied (honestly) that it would either be great, or I’d crash and burn. Artist’s live on the edge. She really like that. I bet she sports a Harley.

The misquotes where vicious, and didn’t seem to realize that my BUG SPRAY was indeed targeted at THEM. Bastards!

Speaking of…”last year’s winner” (and fellow blogger–AND unreasonably tall) Colin Page was there, charming everyone (sans, misquotes). What an act! We joked last night at dinner that he’s the event’s “divo” (diva, masculine) as reigning winner, even insisting on only green M&M’s in his trailer (double-wide, I hear). All kidding aside, he’s a nice unreasonably tall and talented guy, who’s to marry in two weeks. Congrats, Colin!

And, finally, a sweet surprise, collector/artist Carole Abla all the way from Tennessee was there! We’d corresponded often in the “blog-o-sphere”, so it was great to finally meet her in person. She was nice enough to ask about my health, so if you missed it, rest assured I’m cancer free! Nothing like cancer to re-prioritize your life 🙂 See, it was on my “bucket list” to paint a door in the parking lot of a bug infested sauna, so this trip is all part of my ideal life.

Here are a couple painting’s I’ve yet to post. The painting I did today of an old 1890’s door is still being considered. Yes, the title came first–this is DOOR County. I like to sleep on paintings before posting, so we’ll see.

Enjoy! Comment! What do you like? Hate? Indifferent? Tell me! (always end a blog post with an exclamation point, gets your reader’s pumped! 😉

P.S. Cinnamon Rossman and the legion of volunteers running this show are doing a fantastic job (and they all smile a lot…which I like. Smile San Francisco!)

Painting at Forbes’ Timberfield

I was honored to be asked to join a wonderful group of artists to paint at Timberfield, the Forbes family estate in New Jersey.  Christopher “Kip” Forbes was an unbelievably gracious, open host with a wonderful dry sense of humor, and M. Stephen Doherty (Editor, American Artist) facilitated great discussion among the artists and selected a group that complemented each other well. The artists included: Camie Davis, John Patrick Campbell, Rob Clarke, Bryan Le Boeuf, George Towne, Wendy Walworth, Timothy Jahn, Ed Terpening, Patricia Watwood and John Dowd.

Artist's Dinner at TImberfield
Artist's Dinner at TImberfield
Ed Terpening at Timberfield
Ed Terpening at Timberfield

Stephen writes about the weekend in American Artist Workshop magazine (Summer edition, on news stands now). That’s Camie Davis on the cover, who’s also featured in the magazine. She did a wonderful job of capturing the four days on her blog (day 1, 2, 3, and 4).

American Artist Workshop Magazine (Summer)
American Artist Workshop Magazine (Summer)

Here’s one of the paintings from the trip.  The artists are to be featured in a show at The Forbes Galleries in Manhattan next year.  This will be my first show in the “Big Apple”!  I’m thrilled (and a bit nervous…this is an incredibly talented group!).

Timberfield, Oil on Linen, 10x12
Timberfield, Oil on Linen, 10x12

UPDATE (7/26/2010): Kip was kindly sent some photos of the trip.  Here are a couple:

Rob Clarke, Ed Terpening, Chase, Timothy Jahn, John Patrick Campbell
Rob Clarke, Ed Terpening, Chase, Timothy Jahn, John Patrick Campbell
Timothy Jahn and Ed-Terpening
Timothy Jahn and Ed-Terpening

Door County Plein Air 2010

I’ve cut down on the number of plein air events (one year, I did over 10–way too many!), and instead, are looking for events that will take me to new locales I haven’t painted before.  Just finished Hearst Castle Plein Air, and my next show is in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin (I just mis-spelled Wisconsin, thanks spell check!  I’ve never been to WI). The week-long event is July 19-24.

The list of artists is impressive, most of which I haven’t painted with before, like fellow bloggers Colin Page and Marc Hanson, and old friends like Carole Gray-Wiehman and Al Tofaneli. So, if you’re in the area (which, apparently includes Chicago), visit!  I’ll try and post that week, but can’t guarantee it.  “Job 1” is to paint 🙂  Here are some things to know about the event:

  • Free events throughout the week, including places where you  can watch me paint. If you go and want to hang out while I paint, email me and I’ll let you know where I am (AT&T permitting! #FAIL).
  • Door County is a beautiful place, with 300 miles of shoreline, quaint towns and rolling farmland
  • This is the largest plein air festival in the Midwest, with 42 artists from throughout the US.
Door County Plein Air 2010 Program
Door County Plein Air 2010 Program

Where is Door County, WI?  HERE VVVV

Door County, WI Map

Hearst Castle Plein Air Invitational

It’s been a wonderful couple days here at Hearst Castle for the invitational.  The artists and staff of the castle have been great.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s work framed for the show June 5. Tickets are available for $175 for the Friends of Hearst Castle’sTwilight on the Terrace” fundraiser benefiting art programs for at risk youth.

Ed Terpening, Hearst Castle, May 13, 2010
Ed Terpening, Hearst Castle, May 13, 2010

My first effort was painting “Casa del Mar”, a guest house on the South Terrace of the castle. I got to take a peak inside…wow.  Opulent doesn’t begin to describe it.  Hearst himself spent his final years in this house.  This is just about done, I think a couple minor tweaks when I get back to my studio should do it.

Casa Del Marr, Hearst Castle - Oil on Linen - 10x12
Casa Del Marr, Hearst Castle - Oil on Linen - 10x12

My next effort was painting this white marble statue, which I imagine is Cupid (sans arrow).  While in full sun is always a joy for me to paint, as white takes on so many colors and reflections of light. I’m not sure the color of reflect light is quite right, so I may make some adjustments before I call this one done.

Cupid (Hearst Castle), Oil on Linen, 12x9
Cupid (Hearst Castle), Oil on Linen, 12x9

And on my final day, again on the South Terrace outside Casa del Mar, I painted this fountain and gold statue of a princess holding a frog. I realize the princess statue on top looks like an Oscar statuette, but that’s really what it looks like!  Even the shadow side on the gold had a red glow. I’m happy with this one.  It’s interesting to me because it almost looks like two different painters/styles: the fountain is high-key, colorist, and the background trees and distant shore are more traditional value painting.

South Terrace View (Hearst Castle), Oil on Linen, 12x9
South Terrace View (Hearst Castle), Oil on Linen, 12x9

As you can see, all of these paintings push color a bit.  With full sun available, I didn’t paint much tonally.  To make sure these colors are still on track, I look at the images in black & white as well.  If light and shadow read well in black/white, it almost doesn’t matter what color you choose to paint (see my 2007 post on values). I think the light/shadow patterns read in this black/white versions, so these seem to be working.

And here’s the group of painters.