Peggi Kroll-Roberts Workshop

Today was the first day of a 5-day Peggi Kroll-Roberts at l’Atelier aux Couleurs in Petaluma.  Peggi has a wonderful unique style for painting the figure, so I’ve looked forward to studying with her for some time.  She’s also a lot of fun. Today, we started simple: gray scale paintings.  These are done, much like … Continue reading Peggi Kroll-Roberts Workshop

Observation 7: Value Values

“It is in the contrast of light and dark that design happens.” – Helen Van Wyk Petaluma Farm – Oil on Canvas – 8×10 (SOLD) This is part 7 in my series of 10 “top observations” on painting…although I think a few more may crop up 🙂 First a definition: In art, “value” is the … Continue reading Observation 7: Value Values

Observation 5: Color Separation

“Think in black and white, but paint in color.” – George Post “I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness.” Maya Angelou In every workshop, there are usually just a couple of things I come away with remembering forever, that really stick in my sieve of a brain. From … Continue reading Observation 5: Color Separation

Observation 2: Work in abstractions

“A good composition can be seen at a glance” – John Carlson “Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein Great paintings have a great underlying abstract design, typically based on 3-7 large abstract shapes of value. If you’re a representational artist, don’t fool yourself: perfectly painted detail only … Continue reading Observation 2: Work in abstractions

“Brush with Life” Kevin Macpherson DVD

Some time ago I wrote about “Reflections on a Pond” , then the latest book by accomplished plein air artist Kevin Macpherson. Well, Kevin has indeed been busy, as he’s just come out with a new DVD and has another instructional book close to publication. Wanda & Kevin Macpherson and Ed Terpening The new DVD, … Continue reading “Brush with Life” Kevin Macpherson DVD

Verde Artist Guild Paint-out

We had another great paint-out at Stanford this past weekend, and a good turnout.  Here are some pictures.  We’re thinking of painting at Gamble Gardens next month (April), as there should be plent of blooms by then.  Spring is officially here! This is a great way to narrow your scene down to something manageable.  Notice … Continue reading Verde Artist Guild Paint-out