Moss Beach Seascapes

I’ve found a new favorite place to paint, Moss Beach.  The spot I found (at Juliana Ave, Moss Beach, CA 94038) is small, but has it all: Monterey Cypress, ice plant, bluffs, a small beach. It’s also closer than favorite spots like Point Lobos, so I expect to return here often.

Enjoy this latest work, and as always, your comments are welcome.

This study is probably my favorite, as it’s closer to the loose, painterly approach that I’m aiming for.

Juicy Surf, Oil on Linen, 9x12
Juicy Surf, Oil on Linen, 9×12″

Here’s a gray day view of the bluffs.  Painting on gray days is often under-valued by artists, who prefer full sun, but gray days keep the light consistent for a longer period of time, so the plein air painter has more time to complete a painting.  You’re not “chasing the sun”.

Moss Beach Bluffs (Gray Day), Oil on Linen, 11x14
Moss Beach Bluffs (Gray Day), Oil on Linen, 11×14


Moss Beach Bluffs #2, Oil on Linen, 11x14
Moss Beach Bluffs #2, Oil on Linen, 11×14


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2 thoughts on “Moss Beach Seascapes”

  1. Hi Ed,
    I just wrote you an e mail asking about your recent Moss Beach bluff paintings. I then saw this posting on your blog. Do you have prices for these paintings yet?
    Dede (and Mike)

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