9 thoughts on “Coastal Ice Plant”

  1. Oh Ed, this is fantastic. It’s not like you paint the shadows – it’s like your painting is as three-dimensional as the landscape, and the shadows are cast across the painted surfaces. Wonderful.

  2. Thanks everyone! This was a fun one to paint. I am having fun with the sculptural quality of paint, but without loosing sight of the basics (value, color temperature).

  3. amazing work Ed. Your colors are so amazing and compositionally, you are really raising the bar. Great work all around!

  4. Hi Ed . . .Been away for a long time. I LOVE this painting ! Nice and fresh and you really captured the color of that wonderful ice plant against our beautiful sea! I just posted one “Ice Tower” on my blog. Am back to doing some plein air work again and mighty glad to be back at it.

    Hope you are well.

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