I just love the coastal ice plant on our coast. The colors this time of year range from hot red to green. I tried to paint in Point Lobos this week, but the fog won out. So this one is from a reference photo. I’m pushing color and paint in this one. Enjoy!

Coastal Ice Plant – Oil on Linen – 11×14


9 thoughts on “Coastal Ice Plant

  1. Oh Ed, this is fantastic. It’s not like you paint the shadows – it’s like your painting is as three-dimensional as the landscape, and the shadows are cast across the painted surfaces. Wonderful.

  2. Thanks everyone! This was a fun one to paint. I am having fun with the sculptural quality of paint, but without loosing sight of the basics (value, color temperature).

  3. Brent Jensen says:

    amazing work Ed. Your colors are so amazing and compositionally, you are really raising the bar. Great work all around!

  4. Hi Ed . . .Been away for a long time. I LOVE this painting ! Nice and fresh and you really captured the color of that wonderful ice plant against our beautiful sea! I just posted one “Ice Tower” on my blog. Am back to doing some plein air work again and mighty glad to be back at it.

    Hope you are well.

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