Mother’s Day in Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park Bank has started their concerts again (running through October) every Sunday.  As I’m starting to paint the figure again a bit more, I road my bike down to the park to complete some plein air sketch studies.  I’m studying with Peggi Kroll-Roberts in September at l’Atelier aux Couleurs in Petaluma this September (and John Ebersberger in July), and I hear that she directs students to do quickly plein air sketches of people as an exercise.  I’m used to sketching people with pen/ink outdoors, but it’s pretty challenging in oil.  I had a good time doing it.

This was actually a big group, about a dozen people, but I started with one person and kept working outward to the surrounding people until I left.


Mother’s Day Concert Goers (GG Park), Oil on Linen, 8×10

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