I took another shot at the painting below. It was sitting in my studio for a while, and I felt something just wasn’t quite right. I lightened the ground, separated the hills a bit from the trees and added some highlights to the clouds. I think it’s an improvement over the previous version…what do you think?

Last Light Peak – Oil on Linen – 8×10″

I’m off to Russian River tomorrow, so hope to have studies of Bodega Bay (if the wind doesn’t blow me away).

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:


4 thoughts on “Another Try

  1. I like how in the first version the mountain emerges from “out of the dark”, but I also like the treatment of the mountain and the clouds in the second!
    It’s a subject that can be rendered in a lot of ways I guess – a study in itself! Thanks for showing the two versions, nice to think along about the possibilities.

    Have a nice trip!

  2. Debbie Sessel says:

    Ed….I like what you did to the ground in the foreground. The colors are richer and more “alive”. The tops of the trees in the center seem to recede behind the purples in the mountains, however. I am drawn too much to the brush strokes of the purple and it seems to detract from the overall serenity of the image. I do like the sunlight on the mountain tops as the sun lowers over those beautiful rocky mountains.

    Its great to go back and try again…..I admire that!


  3. Well, congratulations! An award, no less. “The Painting Plein Air Plus Prize” from Katherine Tyrrell. You truly deserve it. You have inspired us and supplied information and encouragement. Great going. Hope to continue following your blog in 2007.


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