It was a beautiful day yesterday. I packed my car with my easel and Gracie, and headed over the Golden Gate from San Francisco to Marin. At the end of Mitchell Road, you’ll find the Rodeo Lagoon and Beach, all part of Fort Cronkhite. This fort was built in haste at the start of World War II, for an enemy that never came (hmm…that sounds familiar).

This beach is normally extremely windy, so it’s a rare day I can set up here to paint. Just a simple painting that I hope captures the day. Enjoy! This painting is available in my online store for a special price, $100 (includes shipping).


6 thoughts on “An afternoon at Rodeo Beach

  1. Ed — When you get up to Rodeo Beach, you’re in my territory. So, next time you plan something up here, let me know. I’d love to get out to paint with you.
    Nice job on that piece by the way. I really get the feeling of swells coming in and the foamy stuff on the sand.

  2. I was riding across the Golden Gate Bridge with you, I so enjoyed the story.
    On my only trip to California, I spent some time in SF, San Jose and Santa Cruz, but never made it over the bridge. It’s on my wish list though.
    PS, we may have a friend in common. Her name is Eli Cedrone and she is a member of Laguna Plein Air Painters and is going out there for the October paint out and staying in some fabulous cliff side cabin. I’m envious.
    Love your work, Ed.

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