Yesterday, I visited the “California Impressions” exhibit at our beautiful new de Young museum in San Francisco. The exhibit had some nice work, but not the most impressive I’ve seen of this genre. I came away with a new appreciation for William Keith (1838-1911), although their collection of “Society of Six” works was a bit disappointing. I’ve seen better examples of their work at Butterfield auctions. Oh well. Don’t get me wrong, still worth seeing.Although not part of this show, I was struck by a volume I found called “Andrew Wyeth, Memory & Magic“. I’ve been thinking a lot about composition/design, and although I find going back to examples by Edgar Payne and the like are useful for a classic perspective, I’m hungry for more contemporary ideas. I definitely found that in this Wyeth book. Wow. Although I’d rather paint like Seldon Gile than Wyeth (I’m not after detail), his compositions took my breath away.Here are some examples.

Andrew Wyeth – Sea Boots

Andrew Wyeth – River Cove
Andrew Wyeth, Dil Huey Farm, 1941, tempera on panel, 22x48
Andrew Wyeth, Dil Huey Farm, 1941, tempera on panel, 22×48″, private collection
End of Olsons, Andrew Wyeth, Tempera on Panel, 1969, 18
End of Olsons, Andrew Wyeth, Tempera on Panel, 1969, 18″ x 19″

In the end, I’d also planned on painting in Golden Gate Park after the exhibit, but it was too windy and cold. I also somehow didn’t feel up for. No matter! This weekend, I’m taking Gracie to a painting trip in Carmel (while Mike is away on his Aspen ski trip). I found a “cottage” in Pacific Grove. Weatherman says sunny, so we’ll see. Hopefully some nice work of the 17 Mile Drive to post in the next couple of days.

5 thoughts on “Andrew Wyeth & Composition

  1. Bonjour Ed!

    Went from France to Philadelphia in June to visit the wyeth awesome exhibition, all of his work was there except “christina’s world”. I usely work with egg tempera and acrylics but I’ve started with oil last month and appreciate very much your work and your ponderings about oil painting’s technique.

  2. I just came upon this blog site and your comments. I am definately as Wyeth fan
    but for his compositions like you stated. I am so bored with the familiar painting that is possessing American art right now. I find myself going more abstract with more of a personal expression. I will check back with your art and see if you
    are going that way too.
    Your work is very nice.


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