Just back from Sonora.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any painting done.  My allergies drove me crazy!  I have an appointment today to get new medication. I understand that your body can become immune to certain drugs over time. Oh well.

I was in Sonora to pick up work from my show there, “Gold Country Plein Air Invitational“.  Some of the paintings I hung I hadn’t had a chance to photograph yet–I finished them in the morning, framed them in the afternoon, from the reception that night.  I guess that’s “real time” art.  Of the paintings I hadn’t yet photographed, I thought you may enjoy this one.  It is of the “Lick Skillet Cafe” in Columbia State Park.  I had fun with this one: loose brush work (could have been looser), interesting color, and just suggesting the people at the table. It was fun, a nice day.  My models came up afterward to say hello.

“Lick Skillet Cafe” – Oil on Linen – 12″x9″

Sunday I’m off to Idaho to study with Ovanes Berberian.   So, I won’t be updating this blog for a week while I’m away, so I can focus on studying.  Wish me luck!

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