Mother’s Day in Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park Bank has started their concerts again (running through October) every Sunday.  As I’m starting to paint the figure again a bit more, I road my bike down to the park to complete some plein air sketch studies.  I’m studying with Peggi Kroll-Roberts in September at l’Atelier aux Couleurs in Petaluma this September (and John Ebersberger in July), and I hear that she directs students to do quickly plein air sketches of people as an exercise.  I’m used to sketching people with pen/ink outdoors, but it’s pretty challenging in oil.  I had a good time doing it.

This was actually a big group, about a dozen people, but I started with one person and kept working outward to the surrounding people until I left.


Mother’s Day Concert Goers (GG Park), Oil on Linen, 8×10

One thought on “Mother’s Day in Golden Gate Park”

  1. Nice and fresh Ed. Painting people like that who are not posing and holding still is tough. You pulled this one off well.
    Peggy’s class seems like it will be great.

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