If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I often study with Camille Przewodek, a fantastic plein air colorist painter from Northern California. I recently chronicled my workshop experience with her in Kauai (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). She’s a great teacher, and has such a unique perspective on color, I can highly recommend her. You’ll learn things about color you just won’t learn in a typical workshop.

There are still spaces remaining in Camille Przewodek’s final 2008 workshops — Sept 15-19 and Sept 29-Oct 3, in Petaluma CA.

Click here for the flyer.

Enjoy! Let me know if you sign up.

7 thoughts on “Camille Przewodek Workshops

  1. I had seen your previous blogs about Camille’s workshop and sent it on to a friend who was going to take a class. I took one of her classes in Laguna a few years back and your description was very much as I remembered it… just different scenery. My friend also enjoyed and learned at the workshop. Camille is a great artist and a wonderful teacher.

    When I came back to your blog again this morning I saw the painting there and thought for a moment that your style looked remarkably like hers now… Thanks for sharing your own work and thoughts… I enjoy looking!!

  2. I’ve admired Camille’s work for along time and have a link to her website on my blog. Thanks for the info about her workshop. I also admire your work which I don’t think is overly influenced by any of the artists with which you’ve studied.

    You’re very generous with sharing information about painting sites, techniques and your plein air workshop experiences.

    I have a “techie” question. How did you make the picture of your painting on this post “unclickable”? I’ve been trying to post the photos of my paintings on my blog so that they can’t be right clicked but haven’t found a way to do this so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


  3. Hi Kay: Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it!

    As for the image on this post that’s not clickable: I must have to do with the blogging software you’re using. If you’re using WordPress, and you upload the image that way, do this: click on the image for options. You’ll see a menu. One of the menu items is “Not Linked”. Just click that. If you’re not using WordPress, I’m not sure how this may be done.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Ed. I may consider switching to WordPress because of this feature.
    I started blogging with Google “Blogger” because the preset templates made setup and posting easy. However I’ve found the downside to “easy” is less flexibly when specific issues come up such as the difficulty to break a link in posted pictures.

    Thanks again for the info. Your skill in both art and technology is impressive.

    I’ve joined your plein air painters site on Facebook and hope to post something there when the Charleston Outdoor Painters resume our paint outs after the summer break.

    Enjoy your week off!

  5. Your post couldn’t have been timed better Ed. I’ve been debating about taking one of Camille’s upcoming workshops this week. I’m still not sure if I could afford the hotel, car rental, food and the workshop too but, I would really love to see her paint and hear her color philosophy.

    Your recent work is amazing Ed!

  6. I really like Camille P’s work. I saw here demonstrate a still life out at Paint Easton in 2006. It was really amazing seeing how she works with color. Thanks for sharing this information.

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