I’m traveling to Chicago 10/23-25 then NYC 10/16-29, any plein air folks in town then? I’m thinking of hanging out in galleries and museums and bringing a nice, lite watercolor kit–not my typical 50 pounds of plein air oil painting gear!

Maybe I’ll bring my MacBook and post some pics.

Come to think of it, I haven’t been in NYC since 9/11.  It’s going to  be weird, seeing that skyline without the twin towers.  Maybe I’ll come up with a painting at the site…probably not.  It must be…I don’t know, certainly not a place to be “exploited”.  Is that what we do when we paint a location?  We do, don’t we?  I guess I’m speaking as (primarily) a plein air artist that typically paints “beautiful” paintings of “beautiful” locations.  Sorry if this is…cynical.

If I feel I can capture how I feel at the spot, I’ll capture it as best I can.


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