Looking through my reference photos last night, I can across photos of China Town, here in San Francisco. I did paint a plein air piece there a few months ago, but wasn’t that happy with it. It can be difficult for me to simplify while out doors (the distractions: weather, tourists, pressure for time with the changing light, etc).  Being able to simplify and absorb the essence of a city scene is a critical skill.

One artist that does this particularly well is William Wray (see here, here and here). Like William, I’m a fan of the Russian painters, particularly Nicolai Fechin. His brushwork is amazing. Maybe, someday, I’ll paint with that level of confidence. He combines that with his ability to see the beauty in any urban scene.

In any case, this painting is one step towards my goals to be a better painter. In light of that, I’m happy with it.  Enjoy!

China Town Market – Oil on Linen – 8×10


8 thoughts on “China Town Market

  1. Hi Ed. I think you accomplished your goals with this one. The simplification of the magazine rack works well. There is a sense of depth there. Simplifying a scene is hard for me also. Bill does it all too well.

  2. Hi Ed,
    Your work just keeps getting more beautiful. You’ve really got the “turning form with color temperature relationships” thing down pat now. I just spent some time on your website and was impressed not only by the quality but also the quantity of your finished paintings. You’re one of the hardest working painters around, especially given your day job!

    One funny thing…on your website’s home page, the last link on the right says, “signu”. I had to click it to find out what signu means. Turns out there’s just a final p missing.

  3. P.S. I meant to ask about whether you created your website from scratch or if you use one of the online website services or if you had someone build it for you? I badly need to update mine.

  4. good work, liked reading this post, i always find excuses for not working in plein air, first the weather, then location, privacy, & last but not the least camera by my side makes my work easier……..i agree finding beauty in urban landscape needs one good eye.

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