Back from my “Rocky Mountain High“, I’ve started evaluating the hundreds of reference photos I took and planning some studio paintings. Yes, Plein Air painters painting in the studio too: I use reference photos and color studies from the field to do larger works in the comfort of home.

I’m happy with this one. I’m not sure the trees on the right recede enough…what do you think? I learned a lot about painting the sky from Ovanes Berberian, and I used his wash technique here for my underpainting. The drama of Colorado sky is strong and since I love to paint skies so much, I think I should come up with a good series of paintings in the coming months.

I need to complete some paintings for the “preview show” of the San Luis Obispo Plein Air competition, first week of October. Yikes, yet another week long plein air adventure coming up! Should be fun. I met a number of fun artists at Estes Park Plein Air, and since I know SLO pretty well, we’re going to paint together. I think I’ll also suggest some dinner-hour critiques…of course this blog will still serve as a critical feedback mechanism too. Thanks again to all my readers for helping with Estes! I’m still pinching myself, getting over the Directors Choice Award.

Coloroda Sky & Pines, Estes Park, CO

Rocky Mountain Sky – Oil on Linen – 11×14

Oh, and this is my 200th blog post! Yahoo!

5 thoughts on “Colorado Sky

  1. Hi Ed, I vote for pusing those trees on the right back a little more, I think that will place even more emphasis on the trees on the left , make them apopear even larger and add more drama. I love the sky in this one, I’ll be waiting to see your sky series develop!!


  2. Ed – Point Lobos now posted on my blog – and I’ve had a visit from somebody in the White House!!!

    I can’t find the link to your draft of the painting locations on your blog – can you e-mail it to me or add it into comments on the Point Lobos one

    Plus wait for the post re Saturday 29th which is about ‘the best breakfast’ which was in San Luis Obispo!

  3. Hi Ed – I would suggest a color temperature change to help the trees on the right recede. With all the other nice cool colors in the sky you could probably go quite cool with those trees and they would still read. Good luck with the studio work and at SLO.

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