I’ve cut down on the number of plein air events (one year, I did over 10–way too many!), and instead, are looking for events that will take me to new locales I haven’t painted before.  Just finished Hearst Castle Plein Air, and my next show is in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin (I just mis-spelled Wisconsin, thanks spell check!  I’ve never been to WI). The week-long event is July 19-24.

The list of artists is impressive, most of which I haven’t painted with before, like fellow bloggers Colin Page and Marc Hanson, and old friends like Carole Gray-Wiehman and Al Tofaneli. So, if you’re in the area (which, apparently includes Chicago), visit!  I’ll try and post that week, but can’t guarantee it.  “Job 1” is to paint 🙂  Here are some things to know about the event:

  • Free events throughout the week, including places where you  can watch me paint. If you go and want to hang out while I paint, email me and I’ll let you know where I am (AT&T permitting! #FAIL).
  • Door County is a beautiful place, with 300 miles of shoreline, quaint towns and rolling farmland
  • This is the largest plein air festival in the Midwest, with 42 artists from throughout the US.
Door County Plein Air 2010 Program
Door County Plein Air 2010 Program

Where is Door County, WI?  HERE VVVV

Door County, WI Map


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