Painted at Woodwalk Gallery today in Egg Harbor, where owner/artist Margaret was the perfect hostess–supplying both bug spray and encouragement with a smile. When she asked how my painting was going, I replied (honestly) that it would either be great, or I’d crash and burn. Artist’s live on the edge. She really like that. I bet she sports a Harley.

The misquotes where vicious, and didn’t seem to realize that my BUG SPRAY was indeed targeted at THEM. Bastards!

Speaking of…”last year’s winner” (and fellow blogger–AND unreasonably tall) Colin Page was there, charming everyone (sans, misquotes). What an act! We joked last night at dinner that he’s the event’s “divo” (diva, masculine) as reigning winner, even insisting on only green M&M’s in his trailer (double-wide, I hear). All kidding aside, he’s a nice unreasonably tall and talented guy, who’s to marry in two weeks. Congrats, Colin!

And, finally, a sweet surprise, collector/artist Carole Abla all the way from Tennessee was there! We’d corresponded often in the “blog-o-sphere”, so it was great to finally meet her in person. She was nice enough to ask about my health, so if you missed it, rest assured I’m cancer free! Nothing like cancer to re-prioritize your life 🙂 See, it was on my “bucket list” to paint a door in the parking lot of a bug infested sauna, so this trip is all part of my ideal life.

Here are a couple painting’s I’ve yet to post. The painting I did today of an old 1890’s door is still being considered. Yes, the title came first–this is DOOR County. I like to sleep on paintings before posting, so we’ll see.

Enjoy! Comment! What do you like? Hate? Indifferent? Tell me! (always end a blog post with an exclamation point, gets your reader’s pumped! 😉

P.S. Cinnamon Rossman and the legion of volunteers running this show are doing a fantastic job (and they all smile a lot…which I like. Smile San Francisco!)


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