Ah, another nice nap today before going out in the afternoon to paint until sunset–what a life!  I ended up at Moraine Park, one of my favorite spots so far at the park.  I met another group of artists to paint a spectacular sunset. To make things even more interesting, our usually quite stream was overun with a herd of Elk!  That drew lots of tourists, which was great, because for once the artists were not the entertainment.

Moraine Park, Sunset

 Moraine Park Sunset – Oil on Linen – 8×10

Here are the Elk, beautiful animals. These kept the tourists busy while the artists worked in peace…

Moraine Park, Sunset

4 thoughts on “Estes Park Plein Air, Day 4 PM

  1. Last time I saw an Elk, his head was on a wall in a restaurant in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico – it’s really great to see them how they should be seen.

    Nice painting – and I’m not used to seeing you use this particular mix of colours. Isn’t it interesting how palettes change as you change venues?

  2. Yes, Katherine, I’m still working the color palette issue. I don’t think it’s the pallete of colors so much, but more just seeing differently. I am too used to the greens in California, and they’re different here, especially the pines in light. I haven’t found the right color/value yet, but still working it.

    I’m definitely more comfortable wth sunsets. They tend to be fairly consistent across the globe, albeit some more incredible than others.

  3. Randy Saffle says:

    This painting has my vote so far. Love the deep color and light hitting the water. Wish I was there, even with the overcast sky.

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