Well, despite the “Orange” national security threat, I arrived in Colorado in one piece yesterday. It was actually a very trouble free flight and the person who checked my ID in line had the time to wish me a happy birthday (August 20)! Ron Schlorff and Julia Seelos are set to arrive in a few days, so I’ll have some painting buddies soon.
Set up

The first night here was fantastic–I should have been painting the sunset, but I hadn’t eaten all day, so I went right to dinner. Estes Park is a cute town. I met Ron Wilcocks, owner of Earthwood Collections and got my canvases stamped. Ron’s a really nice guy, very hospitable.

I’m taking time to blog this afternoon as the town is surrounded by thunder storms at the moment. They seem to come and go pretty quickly here.I forgot my National Park Annual Pass, so picked a local lake to paint at until mine arrives FedEx today (thanks Mike!). To get warmed up, I also decided to use my smaller pochade box, rather than the full Soltek. I’ll use that baby when I’m ready to paint some larger works. I need to paint several studies first to get the color palette of the area. The greens, the unique reds of the rocks and land. Wonderful place. More later!

2 thoughts on “Estes Park Plein Air, Day 1

  1. I’m reading your blog entries backwards and you’ll laugh when you get to the first one I wrote where I comment on how it’s interesting to see you painting with a different colour palette and how we all have to revise our colour palettes when we travel to new places!

    And now I get to this one – and guess what – you’re revising your colour palette…….

    Personally, I’m more and more convinced that to get any decent painting done you need to stay in an area for a while – quick visits don’t allow much time for anybody to ‘get your eye in’ re the palette issue.

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