After a good burger at a local cafe–and a 90 minute nap 🙂 –I continued my painting adventures here, as usual, without the full cooperation of the weather.  Oh well.  At least the clouds/sky are dramatic.  They’re always changing which puts my plein air painting skills to the test.  I painted the study below in–I think–about 40 minutes. I loose track of time.  By the time I was finishing, the sun came out and just hit the rocks. I added this and lit the ground and trees, but for some reason the photograph I took doesn’t show that subtlty. When I scan the painting at home I’ll get a much better reproduction.

BTW, Thursday night I have to select which paintings to enter into the competition.  Check in Weds or Thurs night and vote for your favorites. I’m not thinking much about winning anything–judging seems so random sometimes–but it would help to have the collective wisdom of my regular readers to help me check the best paintings.

Old Gultch Road, Estes Park, CO

Old Gultch Road, Estes Park – Oil on Linen – 8×10


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