Quickdraw Setup

This morning about 60 artists gathered downtown for the “Quickdraw”. For those of you not familiar with this, it is a timed plein air competition. We had 90 minutes to create a painting, 15 minutes to frame, awards are given and a live auction of the paintings closes the event. I was surprisingly calm…joked around with artists before the event and selected my composition and painting spot about 20 minutes before the start.
I was happy with the result and the sale price at auction ($500, half of which is donated to the local art organization). So many great paintings didn’t meet their minimum bid…lucky day!
Click the photo of my set up to the right to see the finished painting.

1 thought on “Estes Park Plein Air, Day 8, AM

  1. I just found your site – great information. I live in Austin Texas and am a part of a wonderful group of Plein Air painters. Plein Air Austin. Could you further elaborate on the pricing and your comment “So many great paintings didn’t meet their minimum bid”? Do you have advice on how to get something like this started in a community? Austin does not seem to be a great market for paintings. But I say hold something like this often and people will get interested and start bidding.

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