I’m leveraging my tech + marketing background to try a few more tricks on social networking site, FacebookI’ve written before about my Facebook Ads test.  I’ve been moderately happy with the results. My new test involves Facebook’s “Fan” pages.  Just as you can “friend” an individual, you can “fan” a brand or person you like, like the iPhone or your favorite TV show.  This allows you to get updates from that brand/person/product in your Facebook Newsfeed, just as you get updates from your friends.

Check it out, let me know what you think, oh…and “Fan me!” (click “Become a Fan” in the right-hand side bar of the page).

2 thoughts on “Facebook Fans

  1. I ventured over to Facebook to see your site which is beautifully done. I confess, I sort of thought of FB as a ‘kid’ thing, but maybe not. My girlfriends and I vowed that we would stay tech savvy and it helps to be led there!

  2. I gave FB a try,but de-activated the account very soon later. Too much gimmicks and advertising. But the worst : extending your “network” comes only at the price of tearing down protection of your privacy to an extend I do not like.

    The good thing was that it made me think about my networking and as a result I have moved into a less virtual sphere again :).

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