Just back from Chicago tonight, had a great time. Weather was perfect. The days before we arrived were unbearable, high heat, high humidity. We suffered some rain, but other than that, great weather. We lucked out!
I was inspired by Katherine Tryrell’s recent travel sketches to do some of my own. I rarely use watercolor, but that’s the best travel medium, so I took a small kit with me to sketch with. Of the several I did, these are the ones I’m most comfortable sharing. I’m really an oil painter, so whenever I paint in watercolor it’s like a new world.

Mike (my partner of 17+ years now) finished the Gay Games marathon in 4 hours, 21 minutes and 23 seconds. Plenty of time to sketch! I did these quick sketches on a small pad while others waited. I’m really proud of him. Imagine running 26.2 miles, without stopping over 4+ hours? And to think I occassionally participate in a day long “drawing marathon”. No comparison.

Mike Estrada Running the 2006 Chicago Gay Games Marathon

Marathon Wait, Eyes Wandering

Marathon Wait #1 – Watercolor

Another Marathon Wait

Marathon Wait #2 – Watercolor


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