I’m all set for “Gold Country Plein Air” next week. The paintings below will be in the “pre-show” from Tuesday to Saturday next week. Monday, I’m going to start by painting at Yosemite National Park. In events like these, I like to get some good paintings done early, so I can relax during the week 🙂 Yosemite is incredible, but sometimes too much. I painted this of Half Dome a few years ago, this one on the road in, this river scene and one of the many waterfalls the following year.

I plan to blog daily during the week, and post paintings in progress. The only other blogger that I’m aware of in the group that may do the same is William Wray, so check his site as well. One artist I’m excited to see is Elio Camacho. We both studied with Jim Smyth, great guy. He’s really involving into an incredible painter, although my take is he hasn’t found his own style yet…as it’s too much like Ovanes Berberian, who we both study with.

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