Full day of painting today, despite killer allergies. I completed these three studies, in order during the day. What do you think? Any good enough for the show Saturday?

This was a kind of “warm up”. I started with a full color wash. The sky started as a cool yellow (Hansa Yellow). I later added a Manganese Blue-White mix, but think in the end I may have cut some of the brightness out. Nothing like a lemon yellow sky to read as full sun (thanks, Camille :-.

There’s is so much green here, I wanted to do a quick study to figure out the basic landscape. To be honest, I’m tired of green already. There’s a nice rose garden at the B&B I’m at, so I think tomorrow it’s roses.

Mountain Springs, Sonora, CA

Mountain Springs 1 – Oil on Linen – 8×10

This second painting was done of a bridge on Algerine Road. I ran into both Mike Bagdonas and Suzanne D’Arcy along the way. I wasn’t immediately happy with this one, but it’s starting to grow on me. I had to work extremely fast. This was a tricky painting: I needed to keep the values accurate, and at the same time try and push color. The bridge structure was particularly tricky, not for the architecture, but more so for the complex warm/cool values, particularly in the shadow areas.

Algerine Bridge, Sonora, CA

Algerine Bridge – Oil on Linen – 11×14

This was painting was meant to be a quick study while I waited for the sunset. The sky was dramatic enough for me to spend some time on it. In the end, the cloud cover was too dense to make a good sunset, so I’m glad I did this one.

Mountain Springs, Sonora, CA

Mountain Springs Near Sunset – Oil on Linen – 8×10

Let me know what you think. Be honest. I have 4 more days of painting before show, so (if it doesn’t rain too much the next couple of days), I should have plenty of paintings to choose from.

16 thoughts on “Gold Country Plein-Air: Day 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Think the bridge wins (for me). Love the work with the bridge, the shadow is deep still not too deep. It vibrates with light.

    Thanks for the tour stories – almost like being there.
    best, Jens

  2. The first one made me say “wow, that’s nice”. Great shadows, dynamic composition. The bridge doesn’t work as well for me. There’s not enough contrast between the top of the bridge and the hill behind for me, and the bridge parapet feels like it’s leaning to the left in an odd way. I’m feeling rather neutral on the third one.

  3. I like the bridge painting being so clear. I think it has a lot of potential and is special.
    The third might be “the best” in my eyes, but somehow I miss an extra sparkle, some area that has “it”.
    Same goes actually a little bit for nr 1, miss an extra “bite”.

    But they are great paintings and you probably are still to produce your best one… looking forward.

  4. three studies in one day, that’s good going.

    ‘mountain springs’ is my favourite. like the large blocks & simplification. just an idea, what about some ricketty old posts or something so as to abreak up those diagonals which are running off the canvas to my eye?

  5. hi ed

    i read you’re busy painting & tripping & getting ready for a show – best of luck! i enjoy the thoroughness of your posts.

    when you have a moment, please kindly consider a link exchange with my blog.you’ve visited a few times & so regonise another fellow plein-arist. this time in france.

    PAINT ON – la vie est belle en plein air!

    kind regards
    adam cope

  6. I have one more illustration assignment to go and I can go out into the nice weather that has finally arrived here with my French easel and paint. Thanks for keeping me inspired.

  7. Debbie Sessel says:

    Ed….I love Mountain Springs #1. Maybe its a bit of those summery, ideal days we hope for on the east coast. Consider it sold (if its available for sale) as I’d love to add it to my collection of Terpenings!

    The bridge is a bit “pale” for me. I think it looks washed out. I need to see deeper shadows under the bridge and less white mixed into those stone colors. Need richer reds/ and greens. The composition and angle are great but to me, not your true push of the pallete.

    The last I feel has the hoizon too low for the lack of interest in the sky. I would have loved the sunset that never came to be! The challenge of catching the moment.

    As alway….I love your site! Are you heading to Estes this summer? Your schedule seems PACKED!!

    All the best and happy painting.

  8. Hey Deb! Thanks for your comments. Hope you’re able to look at the successive days too and grant me your opinion.

    I’ll contact you offline in email regarding buying “Mountain Springs #1”.┬á I’m sure the gallery ships, etc.
    I’m not sure about Estes this summer, as I haven’t heard back from the “jury”. I won Director’s Choice last year, so I assume I’m in, but it’s an expensive trip, so we’ll see. Mike and I just bought a second home in San Francisco, so money will be tight.

    As for other travel: I’m in Idaho June 18-23, taking a workshop with Ovanes Berberian (perhaps the greatest living artist, in many people’s opinion. He was great last year’s workshop); then I wear my corporate hat and fly to New York City to speak at a Banking/Marketing Conference for Forrester Research; then I fly to Telluride Colorado for the Telluride Plein Air event through July 5th. This is three weeks of consecutive travel! Needless to say, I have a very flexible part-time employer (Thanks Tim at Wells Fargo), and hopefully FedEx will be able to get my materials from point A to point B without trouble.

    We may be able to meet in NYC for a meal, but I know Tim is lining up other meetings for me while I’m there, so not sure how much time I’ll have. I fly into NYC June 23rd, so I’d have Sunday, June 24 free. Is your show still going on in SoHo by that time?

  9. Beautiful work. I particularly like the painting on the Masthead of the blog. Reminds me of a scene in Nova Scotia that I want to paint at sunset. Lush color harmony and strong design. I’m a fan of Camille’s too. You’re right there with her.

  10. Deb Sessel says:

    Ed….the painting ‘Mountain Springs’ arrived today and I rushed to open it. It is amazing. Its like opening a starburst of color. I love it so much more than the pic on line. Thanks so much….its already on the walls…though maybe not in its permanent spot!!

    What a treat!

  11. Hey Deb: thanks for letting me know your painting arrived safely, and that you’re happy. It’s so difficult to buy art online…you never know if the photo online is representative or not. Glad to hear it actually exceeded your expectations! Cheers!

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