My first day painting at this event (Monday) was a bit of a bust. I planned on painting at Yosemite that day (and did), but several road closures and my attempt at a short cut through the Sierras (offroad) made the journey 7 hours! I also find it difficult to capture such iconic, grand places. The more intiment scenes seem to be my forte.

Like this one, done on the second day (Tuesday). I woke early, and love early morning light, so took the road through Sonora until it became a country road – Lime Kiln Road. I found a spot on the top of a hill, looking South/East. It was early enough such that the sun had that warm, intense quality. I think I did a decent job capturing that here, although this photo of the painting isn’t quite right. I wasn’t able to digitally scan the painting (as I do at home), so…stay tuned. When/if I get the painting back, I’ll scan digitally. However, yes, I did paint the sky a lemon yellow. It represented beautifully the light of that morning.

Lime Kiln Road, Early Morning – Oil on Linen – 8×10

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