We awoke this morning to a few inches of snow!  Of course, we didn’t bring chains but we managed to get the car down the steep driveway and parked onto the relatively flat street.

Gracie LOVES the snow.  She’s usually a skiddish, but somehow when she’s in the snow she’s “Mighty Mouse”, leeping through the air.

Mike and Gracie, Thanksgiving Day 2006

Mike and Gracie, Thanksgiving Day 2006 

I did this quick study. I think it’s probably unfinished. It’s so difficult to paint in snow–makes me really appreciate those plein air painters (most on the east coast, I assume) that paint plein air in the snow. I kept coming into the house every 20 minutes or so to warm up.

Thanksgiving Day Snow

Thanksgiving Day Snow 

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Does Gracie do those vertical lieft-off jumps that my cats do in snow?

    Sounds like you might have forgotten the handwarmers and the ear muffs as well? 😉 Great to have blue skies and snow…………

  2. Ed….I love the light at the tip top of the trees!! Being from Connecticut I can surely understand why painting in the warmer weather make things a lot easier! Great job making a cold day look so peaceful!

  3. Hey Katherine…my SPAM tool stopped your comment again. Wierd. I thought after training it once it would remember, but no such luck.

    Yes, Gracie does her verticle jumps, especially given the guaranteed soft landing of fresh snow. I thought about a “snow outfit” for her, but she seems warm enough–running constantly, chasing the kids down the hill on their sleds.

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