If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re familiar with social networks, like Facebook, MySpace, etc. I’ve been following Facebook for a while (as part of my role at Wells), and think it has a lot of potential to connect people/groups in much more meaningful ways than MySpace. So, I’ve set up a group called “Plein Air Painters“, and I’d love you to join us!
The group is focused on the art of painting “plein air”, outdoors in natural light. For now, membership is restricted to plein air artists, of any level. This is a place to learn, make connections and share your experience. We’ll be able to start online discussions, submit photos of paintings to share or critique, and list events–like shows, paint-outs, workshops, and so on.
Here’s how to join:
If you’re not a member of Facebook,

  1. Click here to register
  2. You’ll then need to check your email for a confirmation from Facebook, click the link in the email to confirm with Facebook.
  3. Click here to visit the group.
  4. Click the “Request to Join Group” link on the right, below the painting.

If you are a member, click here to visit the group, then “Request to Join Group” link on the right, below the painting. Here’s what the page will look like… See the link “Request to Join Group” under the painting, below right:


10 thoughts on “Join me on Facebook: Plein Air Painters Group

  1. Smashing idea, Ed! I’ll be joining shortly . . . .just got to get a few things done after open studio . . .and final preps for teaching a workshop. Hopefully today. If not, though, you can expect me soon! Thanks for setting this up!

  2. hi Gina!

    Unfortunately, that painting of you sold shortly after the workshop, to another artist from Arizona, coincidentally. Sorry about that. I recall I gave you first dibs, but you were not ready at the time.

    Let’s take another workshpp together…maybe lightening can strike twice ­čśë

  3. Hi Ed,
    I joined your Face book Plein Air Painters Group but when I tried to reply to your recent comment there all I got was a comment from the network about “not being plugged in”.
    I’ll keep trying to figure this social networking thing out ( I’m technologically challenged but determined to overcome this shortcoming).
    Great idea about using the Face book Flyer. Here’s hoping you’ve discovered a new art marketing tool. You’re really getting creative with your networking and marketing.
    Hope you’re having interesting experiences at this week’s workshop.


    Best regards,

  4. Hi, I tried to join your group but there was no link that said “Request to Join Group” or anything like that, whether I visited logged in or not. I wonder why? Thanks for posting about Elio’s Camacho’s classes a month or so ago. I’m taking his class and really enjoying it.

  5. Hi–cannot seem to get signed up for Facebook–finally got through the initial set up but when it went to gmail, wouldn’t recognize the password. Help??

  6. Louella Clements says:

    I am interested in starting a plein air group in central Alabama. I’ve gone everywhere on the web and can’t find how to get going with this. Could you point me in the right direction. I don’t know if I need to register for permits, join a group and span out from there, or just start it on my own. Please help me.

  7. I don’t know about business permits or that sort of thing. I imagine that varies by state. We started a group without that. It grew from 6 founders to over 100 today, just through word of mouth and our website, which is promoted with links on other related websites. If you are thinking about forming a group, here are some things I’d consider:

    1. CHARTER : take the time to define the scope and purpose of the group, eg, see Verde’s at verdeartistguild.com

    2. MEMBERSHIP : who’s allowed to join? Do you have levels (eg, signature, regular, etc)

    3. LEADERSHIP : how does the group function and make decisions? It’s important to delegate responsibility as you grow, eg, we have jobs like email list management, website management, calendar/scheduling paint-outs, promotions/marketing/advertising, scheduling shows, etc.

    4. RESOURCES : how will you cover expenses, like web-hosting and ads? Do you
    fund-raise or just split the costs? Have a sponsor, like a local art store?

    Do any other readers have advice for Louella?

  8. mike rooney says:

    i requested to join the group. will i get an email telling me if i was accepted and what to do to start participating. i think this is a cool way to network all plein air painters across the country. thanks ed.

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