I spent most of yesterday fixing paintings (based on the critiques I received on this blog) and I started a new sunset painting that isn’t quite ready to photograph.

First, Rocky Mountain Stream. I had some trouble with this one. I felt the color of the stream was too saturated (and you agreed), but when I fixed that problem, it still didn’t feel quite right. I then realized that the stream wasn’t integrated into the composition. Both the level of color saturation and its position in the design made it feel like a “painting within a painting”. To fix it, I both desaturated the water colors, then added the golden ground cover through the marsh reeds to meet the water. I broke that line of reeds which acted as a wall within the painting. This seemed to do the trick. I also made some small changes, such as adding additional light to some of the trees. In all now, I’m happy with this once.

The top painting on the right is the original, the painting lower is the latest…possibly final painting. Who knows, another change may come to mind.

I fixed the Colorado Sky painting. I moved back the trees on the right. Click here to view the latest.


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