Painted a couple of studies today. I started the morning searching for a combination of ice plant, sand and certain blue-green bushes I saw on the way here. Didn’t find them, so painted a long view just south of Rocky Point, then an ice plant study in the late afternoon. Gracie and I had a great lunch at Rocky Point Restaurant.
Toward Big Sur

7 thoughts on “More fresh paint from Carmel

  1. thanks, JJ. I’ve done a number of studies recently facing the sun and am enjoying them. you can’t really tell from the photo, but the bright sun reflection is a nice warm lemon-yellow. i tried to follow the sun, which is always a challenge, but hey, it worked out. cheers!

  2. Hi Katherine, “Ice Plant” is the common name for Carpobrotus edulis, a creeping, mat-forming succulent species of plant that’s quite common in California since it grows so well with no water or tending. You’ll see it along the freeways in LA and sand dunes of Monterery. I don’t know that much about it, but some variations of it turn red/orange, mixed with green, so it makes a fun color subject. Here’s the Wikipedia entry:

  3. Hi Ed,
    If you decide to sell your “Towards Big Sur” would you give me a heads up? I am crazy about that painting! Also your two figure paintings from Gay Faulkenberry’s workshop…I would love both of those hanging together in my studio!
    Anywho…let me know,

  4. Hi Janette, Sorry, “Towards Big Sur” sold, funny enough, to an American living in Switzerland. She missed California. Sold another painting to someone in Oaklahoma for the same reason, missed California. I see that a lot, actually. Good to be known for something! I’ll contact you offline about the other two paintings.

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