Here’s a post-trip painting done from a photo at Indian Canyons, a great little oasis in Palm Springs. Had fun laying on some thick paint here, playing with abstraction a bit. Here’s Indian Canyon 1, done on location. The latter is more subtle, but I also like the energy and movement of this one.

Indian Canyons 3 – Oil on Linen – 12×9

7 thoughts on “More from Indian Canyons

  1. Yes, I do generally finish paintings in one sitting as I like to work wet-into-wet. This one is small (12×9), so not a problem. I actually paint very fast for 80% of the painting, then slow down and really analyze the last bit. I do want to work larger again, which will generally mean working a painting over several sittings, but hopefully still wet.

  2. @Randy – These desert paintings are just my normal, broad spectrum palette. No changes, although I have been playing around again with Mauve Blue Shade from Windsor Newton. Thanks!

  3. Ed, It sounds like you like thick paint… so do I.
    Do you use much pallet knife in your paintings?
    I love the layering, the happy accidents and thickness
    it gives me. Lately, I’m using my knife more than my
    brushes and their easier to clean ­čÖé

    Keep up the great work and the site.

  4. @TomC – Yes, I do occasionally paint using a palette knife, especially when studying with Camille Przewodek, who teaches that way. It is a great way to really lay down true, un-muddied color. That’s why when I use a brush, I paint thickly because as I correct and finesse an area, the thick paint picks up a minimum of the color beneath it, so you avoid creating muddy colors.

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