I’m having a great time painting right now. I feel a break-through is either here or about to come! I’ve always loved the California coast, and so while this week I am forced inside my studio by near constant rain, I have lots of great photographs on my Mac to choose from.

Here are three new studies. In this first, I’m trying to represent the blinding light on the sea as I looked down on a cove in Point Lobos.

Blinding Light – Oil on Linen – 10×8″

In this one, I’m still exploring the color of ice plant juxtaposed against the rocks in shadow and the color of shadows in water.

California Coast (Late Afternoon) – Oil on Linen – 8×10″

I am very happy with this one! It represents the direction I want to go: bold, loose, simply stated. Lately, I’ve been painting over old paintings (after a brief sanding to get rid of the ridges). This has had an interesting effect on my technique. Because there’s a completely different painting below this one, I am forced to use more paint, which in turn I think has allowed me to lay more confident strokes. Not sure. I’m just going to keep it up and see what happens.

Cypress Cove (Point Lobos) – Oil on Linen – 8×10


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