Ovanes-Berberian-Workshop-June-19-2006-SetupToday was definitely a day for learning. Do you ever go to workshops with a competitive nature? I have to admit I sometimes do. I want to paint well. I don’t want to make mistakes in front of others. These two competing goals: learning and painting a great piece, just don’t mix. I need to learn to put myself out there more. Ovanes definetly pushed me in that direction today.

He saw the two paintings the below, and the first words out of his mouth were, “don’t paint to sell”. He had me pegged! He pointed out that I’d started painting the detail too soon (guilty, as charged) and that the dark brown background wasn’t working. I needed to paint some of the sun-lit greens behind the still life. To be honest, I can’t think of anything positive he said about either painting in it’s first incarnation–which is fine…I need to welcome constructive criticism and not expect praise of any kind. I payed attention, and painted over it to get to the third painting below.

Here’s the painting above, repainted as per Ovanes’ suggestions:

I then painted this study, thinking more about large abstract shapes, pushing color and a good abstract design:

Tonight, 9PM-1AM he’ll be demonstrating a large still life painting in his studio. I probably won’t write about it tonight, so check back for my notes tomorrow.

Update: To get on the email list to attend a Ovanes Berberian workshop, contact Ray Morrison:




Email ray@trioeditions.com


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