Exciting news! I will by studying with Ovanes Berberian the first week of June, in Idaho! I consider Ovanes one of the best living artists. He studied under the great Russian/American Impressionist, Sergi Bongart. Wish me luck! I hear he’s a very tough teacher.

Update: To get on the email list to attend a Ovanes Berberian workshop, contact Ray Morrison:




Email ray@trioeditions.com

10 thoughts on “Ovanes Berberian Workshop!

  1. Tania Pagliato says:

    Hello.My name is Tania. Im from Brasil. Im a paintng teacher.I loved your paintig.
    I took a workshop with Ovanes Berberian in 2000. I would like to know his email, phone number or address, because I would like to take a workshop again.
    Sorry, I don t write very well in Ingles.
    Thank you.

  2. I have always wanted to study with Ovanes Berberian but was told by his gallery that he does not teach anymore. How did you learn about his class, and how can I reach him.


  3. Donna Endresen says:

    Please sign me up for messages, schedules, etc. Would be interested in ANY classes in the future. Missed spring 07 but really want to be a student of Mr. Ovanes. Address: 6893 E. Yellowglen Dr., Prescott Valley, AZ.86314.
    Thanks and Hopeful, Donna


    I studied under 3 former students of Sergei Bongart. Two were workshops the other was a personal friend I met in a life drawing class. Ovanes is quiet and doesn’t say a lot. His paintings are top-notch, I spot Bongart’s students’ work in a flash when I’m at a gallery. The light is incredible. I would like to have more information on Ovanes’s workshops when you have info. If you see Kathleen Nelson, I sure would like to find her. The other fantastic teacher was Ron Riddick. They are all great.
    Thanks. Katheryne

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