Point Lobos has so much to offer artists, and I’ve painted it many times.  This painting was done from a reference photo, if I recall correctly, from the area around Cypress Cove.  Many artists have captured this awesome place, including classics by Percy Gray, F. Childe Hassam, Guy Rose (1, 2), and contemporary painters Kevin Courter, Brian Blood and Robert Lewis. Here’s a Google search result of Point Lobos paintings with lots of others.

Point Lobos is a place of sharp edges.  Monterey Cypress branches angle sharply against the wind; the jagged rocks fight relentless, active surf; the ocean’s dark green/blues show the great depth of the inlets.  With steep terrain like this, dramatic light effects are common. This view shows the late afternoon light fighting through the trees and rocks, creating slivers of light on the ground and treetops.

If you ever get to Northern California, don’t miss the opportunity to paint at Point Lobos!


Point Lobos Light – Oil on Linen – 12×10″


7 thoughts on “Point Lobos Light

  1. I love your description of Point Lobos and how your painting really captures that feel. When I painted there and at Big Sur, I almost felt like everything was hanging on for dear life- even on a calm day, the exaggerated shapes of the trees testify to their will to survive in a harsh but beautiful environment.

  2. Hi Ed!
    I haven´t been here for some time and I am stunned about you use of color. So strong! The cloud paintings are fabulous and in this one you have such strong shapes.

  3. Ed.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment, I just taken a tour by your websites and store, your are a great artist Ed, wonderful plein air paintings, full of color, good composition and a great variety of themes.
    keep doing such wonderful works!

  4. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments! The painting is getting a light varnish and shipping tomorrow to a couple that celebrated their anniversary recently in Carmel, and loved Point Lobos.

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