I’m continuing my exploration of high-key painting, which I define as painting in a narrow range of values, in the higher key of lights.  I don’t know where this is going to lead, but it’s great to practice the control in value needed to get these paintings to work.  I think I’m going to paint this scene again, perhaps a few times, each time narrowing the values further.  I know looking at this now I could have taken it further, and made my darkest darks much lighter.  I usually paint in a more dramatic, contrast’y way, but every technique I learn builds me as an artist.  What do you think?

Riverbed, High-key Study - Oil on Linen - 6x8
Riverbed, High-key Study - Oil on Linen - 6x8"


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5 thoughts on “Riverbed, high-key painting study

  1. Ed – Thanks for your newsletter. I am enjoying your descriptions of the painting methods and materials that you are employing for an exceptional body of work. Your painterly style and interesting color palette makes the work glow. Keep it up!

  2. Ed,
    This work shows vibrant luminosity in a nice range of horizontal bands, yet is balanced well with the bold shades of vertical color in the background. The darker background tends to “push” the middle ground plants into a nice field of light. Good job. I’d like to see how you develop this study into a larger painting.

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