I just finished a workshop with Skip Whitcomb, a great teacher. Here’s a video I posted of a demo he did Friday. It’s on YouTube.


7 thoughts on “Skip Whitcomb Demo Video

  1. Ooooh – I’m so jealous! I assume you took his workshop in California? I’ve really really really wanted to to take a class with him for a while, but he never teaches in Colorado anymore (go figure)! Can you post more about the workshop so I can live vicariously through you?

  2. Whoops, I’ve fixed the YouTube link, it should work now.

    @Stacy: Yes, I’m going to post more, including another demo I have all in video. I took pretty good notes, too. Problem is today I’m just getting over some back pain and the pain killers are still lingering a bit, making me a bit “out of it”. I’d like to write that post when I’m clear headed. Perhaps later today.

  3. Thanks for posting, Ed. It’s interesting to see how he doesn’t do a general sketch or block-in first but goes right for laying in the masses with the thicker paint and the right values and colour. Ray Roberts, another PAPA member, with whom I took a workshop back in March, does the same. They both seem to use white in their mixtures early on, too. I’m from the school that does a transparent block-in first and then adds white only after this block-in is established. Using Ray’s technique (and Skip’s) I’ve found I can get things going faster.

  4. @Michael: yes, I too was amazed at how muchj white he used early on. he paintikng are quite tonal, and he is a very slow, careful painter. you never see him block in an area just to get it covered. You can see him concentrate on every colot note.

    BTW, he approaches studio work differently, covering the canvas first with transparent washes.

  5. hi ed, thanks for posting the video! My friend Bob showed me that very painting yesterday, and I thought it was fabulous. The brush strokes and the opacity and color harmonies were really eye-opening. I was so inspired! So great that you got to actually see the process in person!! Wish I coulda seen it too~

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